Do tasks on the app to receive Comic Coin

Our team has designed a ‘Regeneration Mechanism’ to encourage active participation and interaction on our platforms. You can earn Zoro Tokens – the currency unit in our ecosystem, by completing various tasks available on the application.

What is the Regeneration Mechanism?

The Regeneration Mechanism is designed to encourage active participation and contribution within the ZOROSWAP ecosystem. By completing tasks, users not only enhance their level of interaction but also earn Comic Coin (CC) as a reward.

How it works

  • Task selection: Within the application, where you will find many tasks to choose from. Tasks may include watching videos, participating in surveys, trying out new features, or engaging in promotional events.
  • Task completion: Choose a task you’re interested in and follow the instructions to complete it. Make sure to adhere to the task’s requirements and guidelines.
  • Earn Zoro Tokens: After successfully completing a task, you will receive Comic Coin (ZRT) sent directly to your account. The amount you earn may vary based on the complexity and type of the task.
  • Accumulate Comic Coin: Accumulate Zoro Tokens as you complete more tasks. These coins can be exchanged for various attractive rewards within the application.

Benefits of the Regeneration Mechanism

  • Encouraging interaction: The Regeneration Mechanism encourages users to interact positively with the application, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Collecting rewards: By earning Comic Coin through task completion, users can unlock exclusive content, digital items, discounts, and more.
  • Building a community: This system fosters a vibrant and strong community by encouraging user participation, sharing experiences, and exploring the application together.
  • Boosting sustainability: The Regeneration Mechanism supports the sustainable growth of the platform by promoting continuous user activity and interaction.


ZOROSWAP aims to provide you with an exciting and valuable experience. Start completing tasks and earning Comic Coin today to unlock a world of exciting opportunities!