Zororium is active and implementing the process on PinkSale with strict KYC. PinkSale is a decentralized launchpad platform that allows startup projects to organize token sales. With the aim of providing a safe environment, PinkSale implements a strict KYC process and prevents fraud and attacks during the launchpad process.

Currently, PinkSale supports 9 different chains, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Cronos, DogeChain, Alvey and Arbitrum. In addition to helping projects organize token sales, PinkSale also provides users with many attractive features such as participating in buying tokens, searching for airdrops,… These outstanding features have made PinkSale become a One of the popular launchpad platforms in the crypto community.

II. Audit


CyberScope: Enhancing Web3.0 security for investors and developers with professional cryptocurrency cybersecurity solutions including Zoro Token. Specialized in Smart Contract Audits, Cryptocurrency Cyber Security and Token Audits. This tool helps auditors collect, analyze and evaluate data related to cryptocurrency transactions, including virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others.
CyberScope  is used to test and evaluate website content. It helps analyze the overall content of a website, comprehensively change the quality of the website’s content, provide more value to readers while increasing website quality and improving search engine rankings.
– Application to Zororium
Zororium fund management: CyberScope allows checking and verifying the quantity and transaction history of Zoro Tokens. This helps ensure the accuracy of asset information and helps auditors determine whether the number of Zoro Tokens issued matches the information in the smart contract.

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Check data integrity: CyberScope helps auditors verify the integrity of data on the blockchain. By examining and comparing transactions and related information, it helps detect and prevent fraud or invalid data alteration.
Verify address list: CyberScope has the ability to verify address list containing Coin Token. This is important to ensure that only authorized addresses can participate in transactions or activities related to the Token Coin.
Track transaction history: CyberScope allows auditors to review and analyze the transaction history of Zoro Token. This helps determine the origin and development of Zororium, including sales, transfers or changes in ownership structure.